Robert Hayward, Baron Hayward

But Conservative elections guru Lord Hayward tells HuffPost UK Boris Johnson should not try to exploit the issue.
Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth are joined by Tory peer and polling expert Lord Robert Hayward to discuss whether the success of the rollout compared to the EU’s haphazard jabbing programme could help the Tories at the ballot box, what the by-election in Hartlepool means for Labour, and how the infighting in the SNP might affect their Holyrood seats and calls for a second independence referendum.
It’s here - the snap election we’ve all been waiting for. Boris Johnson has called the poll to settle Brexit, but with a febrile electorate, winning an election may prove just as difficult as getting the UK out of the EU. Tory election guru Lord Robert Hayward provides an indispensable guide to the campaign for the December 12 vote alongside Arj Singh, Paul Waugh, Rachel Wearmouth.
Conservative peer Lord Robert Hayward and Brexit expert Jill Rutter, of the UK In A Changing Europe join Arj and Paul to discuss the week in Westminster, as Boris Johnson finds himself stuck on the rocks of a Brexit deal. But with MPs’ course set for an election, will the Conservative pitch a no-deal Brexit to voters? And will Extinction Rebellion’s protests make a difference in a snap poll?
Jeremy Corbyn once berated the media for not paying sufficient attention to a parish council by-election result.
Lord Hayward points out No.10 aide was found guilty of contempt of parliament earlier this year.
Did the Tories really have a good night despite losing to the Liberal Democrats? We asked the experts.
23% of 2017 Tory voters think the former foreign secretary would be "a very bad PM".
The vote in 8,000 council seats takes place on May 2.