Robert Mugabe

The opposition, slammed Chiwenga's appointment, saying that it "brings full circle a sinister scheme by the military to push out former president Robert Mugabe for selfish reasons".
A priest who brokered Mugabe's exit speculates that Grace will be prosecuted after he dies.
The ousted Zimbabwean leader was apparently in for medical checks.
He reportedly flew to Singapore for medical checks.
Reports state that the former president and family members between them owned a total of 15,809 hectares of land.
The boys arrived this week accompanied by four aides
Former Zimbabwe president Mugabe's removal should send a clear message that no leader should be allowed to be more powerful than the party, he said.
Mugabe clan accused Grace of being "disrespectful to family elders, showing off and sowing seeds of disharmony within the family".  
The pressure is on for Zimbabwe's new leader.
“When he finished his signature his face just glowed, no weeping unless there were angels weeping somewhere".