Robin Hood tax

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George Osborne's bid to protect UK banks from an EU tax on their financial transactions is set for defeat in the European
George Osborne sketched out a stark vision of further economic austerity, with £12 billion extra welfare cuts as part of
The UK House of Lords EU Subcommittee on Economic and Financial Affairs this week came out railing against the financial transaction tax (FTT), which would place a 0.1% tax on trades in shares and a 0.01% tax on derivatives trades. George Osborne described it as "economic suicide". He is wrong. Not adopting an FTT would be economic suicide.
I was honoured recently to receive the Sheila McKechnie award for the campaigning work I've done with the Robin Hood Tax. Ironically, at exactly the same moment, dozens of financial journalists were frantically typing articles about how the tax was dead in Europe following a European announcement it could be illegal. ..
It may not be everyone's choice of how to spend the hottest evening of the year, but on Monday night Boris Johnson gave a speech at the British Bankers' Association dinner. Hot yes, hotbed of progressive thought, no. But Boris' speech nonetheless got my blood boiling. In taking a swipe at the proposal for a European Financial Transaction Tax - every City fat cat's favourite bug bear at the moment - he chronically misrepresented how it works.
Labour has cooked up a scheme to get Lib Dem MPs to vote against the government on Tuesday, by forcing a vote on the principle
The ten things you need to know on Tuesday 18 June 2013... 1) WANT TO KNOW HOW TO 'WRECK THE ECONOMY'? Kenneth Clarke knows
David Cameron has a Europe problem. While the UK Independence Party's popularity is currently surging, as evidenced by the 27% of the vote they received in last week's by-election to the UK parliament, he's feeling the pressure to lurch ever more the right and position the British Conservative Party as the Euro-sceptic 'voice of reason'.
After nearly three decades of development activists' and experts' efforts to bring about FTTs, it would be heinous not to use the revenues to contribute to a better future for millions of poor men, women and children.