Robin Thicke

Drunk people are an infinite source of entertainment. Take, for example, Rhiannon Cosslett’s cousin who got super drunk at
LOS ANGELES — A judge on Thursday ordered Robin Thicke to have only monitored visits with his 6-year-old son and stay away
He credits him as being 'the greatest man I ever met'.
Actor Alan Thicke has died, at the age of 69. The star was famous for his role as Jason Seaver in US TV Show ‘Growing Pains
The Canadian actor, famous for his role on "Growing Pains," suffered a heart attack while playing hockey with his son.
From Robin Thicke and Marvin Gaye to Ed Sheeran and Matt Cardle
OK, we get it. There are only a certain number of notes in the world, and a limited number of combinations those notes can
We've got to face facts: we're living in a brave new world of free-flowing information, and age restrictions or movie-style ratings simply won't keep our children away from inappropriate materials. If anything, these hollow forms of censorship only delay serious parental conversations that are just plain inevitable.
No doubt like a lot of people by now, I've had a quick go at playing the two songs back to back, chucking on Gaye's Got To Give It Up followed by T&P's Blurred Lines, and vice versa. A quick go at playing judge and jury. And, well, yeah they do sound pretty similar. Tempo, the syncopated rhythm, the vocal pitch, even - arguably - the yukky sexism. But hey, what do I know?