Robin Williams suicide

Creating a climate where no-one feels afraid to share their fears, or worries about being judged if they do, is what we need to aim for. Robin Williams' death showed that anyone can be vulnerable, however they might appear to the outside world.
Robin Williams’ widow and children have been ordered by a judge to attempt to resolve their dispute over personal items belonging
The results of Robin Williams’ autopsy have shown that there were no illegal drugs or alcohol in his system before he took
Robin Williams “He went off book, as always, and before we knew what he was doing, the chopsticks were by his ears and he
The late comedian Robin Williams was suffering from Parkinson's Disease when he took his own life on Monday. His wife, Susan
I was sad when I saw the news of the death of Robin Williams. He seemed like one of those actors that would be around forever. You couldn't really imagine him dying. We took his presence for granted as if it would always be there. As soon as I found out of his death I, like thousands of others across the world, shared my sadness on social media.
The sad news of Robin Williams untimely death this week has brought forth the expected tide of tributes to this man who made millions laugh around the world and rightfully so.
Following Robin Williams’ death, many of his fans and co-stars have shared tales of the actor’s kindness and humorous nature
The world is reeling in shock that has been likened to when Michael Jackson died: we simply can't believe it... in the wake of such a sudden departure, we should stop to consider that there are millions of people out there suffering with depression, and not all of them are getting the help that they need.
Cody, Zelda and Robin in 2006 Zelda has quit Twitter since her father’s death, after receiving a torrent of sickening messages