Robyn Lawley

In case you missed it, the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue debuted this week ticketing itself as its most diverse
Denise Bidot is a plus size model (14) who is also a voice and advocate for curvy women and self-love. She has appeared in
Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle we've banned the phrase bikini body - not only does the gender-specific term suggest that we
A little while ago I got an email asking if I could pop in to NOW HQ for a round table discussion on body image and the media, having met some of the team at plus size brand press event I was really excited that such a big, national weekly wanted to talk about body image.
Yes, there's definitely a shift in the kind of bodies society is beginning to glorify and I'm sure it's now beginning to make a whole other group of women finally feel good about themselves, but I can't help but think that this is doing absolutely nothing to curb the anxiety women feel about the way they look.
The results of this survey shed a little optimism on all the gloom. They suggest that women generally have a healthy view of beauty and don't aspire to the super-slimline frames that verge on the unhealthy.
Over 2012 we saw a backlash to the skinny model with more 'real' models being used in campaigns (for example the latest M&S and Dove adverts) but still the catwalks are full of size 0 waifs. Has the fashion world really changed?