rochester and strood

The Tory Party has launched a revenge attack on Ukip defector Mark Reckless – by suing their former member for £3,000 spent
Made these comments... It was the week we saw the aftermath of that tweet about that house on the day of that by election
We know that our politicians lie and obfuscate for their personal benefit. It is a shame that we and the media, those people that are supposed to transmit the unvarnished truth, are in any way different.
I recently became a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party. After years of railing against politicians, the irony, and perhaps the hypocrisy, of becoming one myself has not been lost on me...
The Conservative Party is leaking support across the board, and constituency opinion polls show them on course to perform worse in the marginal seats that they hold than elsewhere in the country. Why, many people are asking, isn't Cameron's leadership under serious threat?
Ukip is a threat to the two established parties. It might not win many seats in the 2015 general election but on its current national polling it could have significant impact on the final result. And as a consequence, both the Conservatives and Labour need to find answers to re-engage their disaffected traditional voters if they are to stem the Ukip tide.
Votes are being counted in the Rochester and Strood by-election, with Ukip confident of taking a second seat from the Tories
A senior shadow minister has been accused of showing "utter contempt" for patriotism and the working class by tweeting a
Mick Gee and Alwyn Helmer's campaign got bogged down in accusations of homophobia as he had questioned the existence of "homophobia
A Tory MP could be facing a rap on the knuckles from Chief Whip Michael Gove, after he claimed his back was too bad to canvass