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As we contemplate our goals for 2016, considered these suggestions for recognising and navigating the stumbling blocks we sometimes are putting our own way.
Lindsay Lohan is reportedly suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 for allegedly using her image without permission. The
The makers of Grand Theft Auto are to be honoured with a BAFTA fellowship at a ceremony in London next week. The British
We already knew that GTA 5 was a massive, ridiculous and roaringly good fun video game. But did you know that it was beautiful
GTA Online launched on Tuesday, amid a predictable perfect storm of massive interest, server collapses and various forms
For the first time in the series' illustrious history, the hype, combined with writers and gamers alike falling over each other to lavish praise on the game, has completely eclipsed the naysayers and detractors. The moral outcry that was meant to greet the game has simply failed to materialise. But why?
Along with breaking every sales record going, annoying Scottish villagers and being generally one of the best games ever
In case you weren't aware, GTA 5 has sold really well. So well, in fact, it's broken basically every record going. Last week
One of the most eagerly-anticipated video game releases has exceeded worldwide sales of 800 million US dollars (£496 million
GTA 5 is here - but if (like us) you're a man or woman of many consoles, you might be wondering whether to get it on Xbox