rockstar spud

e had the chance to question EC3 about the match and he remains confident. Fans will need to watch to see whether that confidence is justified or whether Spud will end Carter's unbeaten streak and shave him bald...
Over a year and a half, TNA's breakout stars Ethan Carter III (EC3) and Rockstar Spud have been working fans into a frenzy. Their camaraderie turned sour and this Sunday, 15 March at 9pm on Challenge TV (and Friday 13th on Destination America in the US), we will witness the culmination of their feud by way of a 'Hair vs Hair' match on Impact.
Absolutely, without a doubt. There are so many good companies out there and good wrestlers and the talent is stepping up. It's reflected in the audiences as well. I worked with Discovery wrestling in Scotland and that was a really good show, with 4-500 people in there and good production value.
Episode one of TNA's British Boot Camp 2 has aired and is receiving rave reviews. We sat down with TNA's very own Rockstar Spud to get his thoughts on the show, which can be seen Sunday nights at 9pm on Challenge TV...
We at Royal Ramblings were particularly surprised to see how genuine the judging was and the lack of pre-determined outcomes. According to Samoa Joe: "We wanted to set out to give own opinion. A lot people thought this would be pre-concluded process but we're looking for a star".
TNA's Rockstar Spud gave an exclusive interview to the Royal Ramblings blog, his first since signing a new multi-year deal with the company. Here's what he had to say...
I made my TNA debut at the Manchester Arena TV Tapings, which have just aired on Challenge TV in the UK and Spike TV in the US. Watching it back was incredible. I remember the roar of thousands of my own countrymen.
We are currently just hours away from the biggest night of four people's careers - the night when either The Blossom Twins, Marty Scurll or I will win a contract to live out our dreams as a professional wrestler in the United States.
On Saturday October 13, the night before TNA's biggest PPV of the year Bound For Glory, I shook hands and spoke with the man I had idolised my whole life. As expected he was larger than life - his one hand covered my whole arm when I shook it!