rolf harris trial

Years of hard campaigning have helped create a better environment for them to come forward. Having opened the public's eyes to the persistent levels of sexual assaults on children - over 31,000 recorded by police in England and Wales last year - it would be a travesty if victims are forced back into silence, fearing they will not be believed when they speak up."
Recent high-profile cases of sex crime convictions, as in Rolf Harris and Max Clifford, reveal outwardly puzzling and strange reactions from their own families. Some relatives show solidarity, appearing each day in court, loyally at the side of the accused.
I had the slightly unsettling experience of spending a few strange minutes in the presence of an entertainer considered a national treasure on two continents, but who proved ultimately a complete phoney in a jaunty blazer...
Rolf Harris's daughter has described her fear that the star will die during his court case over allegations of a string of
A man calling himself the "king of pantomime" described Rolf Harris as a consummate professional who never did anything inappropriate
Rolf Harris groped a teenage girl after she saw him crouched on all fours barking at a dog, a jury has heard. The woman, giving
An alleged victim of Rolf Harris has broken down in tears as she told a jury the entertainer assaulted her "out of nowhere