Roman Catholic Church

I always wonder if there should be a 12 step plan for recovering Catholics? Catholics Anonymous meetings to attend? Not that a recovering Catholic would need help staying out of the church on a Sunday, but some kind of program would be helpful, because what ever you do, the Catholic guilt is always deeply ingrained.
Mother Teresa is set to become a saint after the Vatican attributed a second miracle to her. What is a miracle? Theoretically
It's nice to do the bells and smells and it's heavenly to officiate at Mass (where, in our church, everyone is welcome). But I was doing funerals and rituals for those who needed them and writing books about Jesus, women and mysticism long before I was ordained because actually doing the work is what it is all about.
I won't indulge myself in my own personal problems with the Mass, how the language sounds to my ear a lot like lines Christopher Lee should be spouting whilst dancing around a windswept island in The Wicker Man ('It is right to give Him thanks and praise'), because I'll probably come across exactly as I am. A man who vehemently railed against his indoctrinal upbringing mid-teens when he realised his homosexuality made him, in the Dr Eckleburg eyes of the church, a sinner.
"This is off the record right? Before this conversation goes any further I need to know my name isn't going to appear anywhere." Thus speaks a Catholic woman from Northern Ireland upon being asked questions about her 35-year marriage to a Protestant.
I asked Mr. Robertson: How different (if at all) in truth is obvious corruption (where money exchanges hands for gains) compared to getting chummy with the Pope, in the case of politicians, for the sake of an awful lot of Catholic voters?
God, that nebulous being without a face, has confused mankind forever. Either you are with him or against him. I recently took confession and the priest, locked behind a screen, ordered me to say to God that I was sorry for offending him.
Pope Francis has lived up to his illustrious namesake, St Francis of Assisi - a revered 13th century holy figure, who according
An exhibition of images revealing gay couples sharing kisses in churches has been pulled after the Catholic Church reportedly
Pope Francis has started a war against drug dealers - at least that is what the headlines would have you believe. The comments came after the leader of the Catholic Church addressed crowds gathered at the Hospital of St Francis in Rio, as part of his visit to the country for World Youth Day.