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After the screening, held in a swanky cinema at London's Barbican centre, a world away from a Welsh pit mine, various friends of Mark Ashton stood up to thank Warchus for portraying the events in such a truthful way, some of them weeping, they were so proud.
Anyone who's seen any modern romantic comedy will love this - a spoof movie trailer starring Kate McKinnon and Zachary Levi
Whether you love romcoms or hate them, we think this video is going to have you nodding your head in agreement. From "a sad
In the 1930s, '40s and '50s, romantic comedies crackled with sparkling characters and whip-smart dialogue. Think Claudette
Call me old fashioned but I do love a cheesy, romantic movie. Even those that don't always have the conventional, 'happy ever after' ending. There was 500 Days of Summer, where boy doesn't win back the girl of his dreams; she marries someone else.