By resigning, rather than dying in office, Pope Benedict has at last earned his place in the history books alongside his predecessor, making a unique contribution that no one could have imagined.
Curiosity exposes you to novelty, and curious people live longer and healthier lives, research shows. And one way of stimulating curiosity is to vacation with a purpose.
Bored of another festive break spent in your local pub, hoping not to run into 'that guy' (or girl) from last year? Perhaps
It wasn't a link to favourite gif, or a request for a member of One Direction to "follow back", but the pope's first tweet
Pope Benedict XVI is to christen his new Twitter account with 140 holy characters this week. The first tweet, planned for
Jeremy Clarkson has been spotted out in Italy with a woman he was alleged to have been cheating on his wife with last year
It may be hard to believe that, half a millenium ago, the project helped fuel one of the Renaissance's greatest rivalries, attended by stories of sex, violent rows, money and a dirty, bitter, misshapen genius in dogskin boots.
The Vatican has held a ceremony to name seven new saints including the first Native American to ever be beatified. Led by
Drunken hoards of rowdy tourists have made Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel an "unimaginable mess" and access to the artwork
Remember YouTuber Andrew Hales and his California hugging experiment? Just in case your memory needs refreshing: he filmed