Ronnie Pickering

Not surprisingly, Pickering seems up for it, replying to an ITV News tweets about the Ultras by saying the only football
Every year, the decision of TIME's Person Of The Year is hotly anticipated across the globe. But 2015's is potentially more
Pickering poses with the car On the side of the 2005 car, Pickering has written 'DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM', the phrase that made
Ronnie Pickering, Britain's most famous enraged road user, has been booked to appear at a nightclub in Coventry - and the
Funny thing about Ronnie Pickering's road rage... I did the same myself once. I was at a roundabout near the bottom of Birmingham
The video of Ronnie Pickering shouting his own name at the victim of his road rage has finally been adapted into a mashup
Unless you've been living under a rock or in the outside world for some reason, you'll have seen the viral sensation that
Ronnie Pickering.Ronnie Pickering.RONNIE PICKERING. Are you Ronnie Pickering? Don't you know who he is? He'll fookin' 'ave