Whilst England have won only 17% of their penalty shootouts, Germany and Argentina have won over 70%. Even Denmark and the Czech Republic have higher success rates. So why is it that even these smaller footballing nations have significantly more penalty success than England? Jordet identified an "ego-threat" which can cause athletes to change their behaviour when they perceive a situation as being potentially harmful or threatening to their status.
Wayne Rooney is a fan favourite at Manchester United and has been a consistently prolific player for his club for as long as anyone can remember. For England, Rooney is the first name on the team-sheet and opposition teams identify him as the main threat in a Three Lions shirt.
As Jose Mourinho so rightly predicted, the world did stop to watch as Real Madrid cruelly dumped Manchester United out of the Champions League on 5 March, at the theatre of dreams. The one individual though who would not have expected to be watching was the once untouchable Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney.
Footballer Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen are "thrilled" to be expecting their second child, she announced Wednesday night
The thing with England and football, is that we're prone to erraticism. Rarely are we satisfied with our national side and seldom do we expect realistic achievements. Usually this is because a familiar process happens: 'we won a game, going to win the tournament' ...'oh we've not won it, we're rubbish after all'.
I suspect that speech impediment fans will fight back by trying to confuse the England manager. Interviewers will start asking whether he plans to play Theo Ralcott alongisde Rayne Rooney. Or they'll invent an English grandmother to ask why he hasn't selected Sergei Rebrov or that talented youngster Joe Ranks-Highlyinrome.
The assumption with Rooney is that he has to do something special to remind people of his talent - the overhead kick against City or a hat-trick at Bolton for example. Has he truly fulfilled the potential he once showed? Potentially, but not necessarily in the way people expected.
Yet again the country's attention turns to the moral and sporting dilemma that is the enigma of Wayne Rooney. Now that his ban has been reduced by UEFA to two matches, it would appear he is a shoe-in for the final 25 man squad.
Wayne Rooney is set to miss the group stage of the 2012 European Championship after UEFA handed the striker a three-match