Rough Trade Records

The four women who comprise Warpaint certainly work hard. After 10 years as an entity, this Los Angeles-based collective certainly seems to have a telepathic connection on stage.
This week I went to see my friends' band, on the eve of their debut album launch. It was an industry graduation, with them playing inside legendary record shop, Rough Trade (west). I know they are my friends and I sound like a proud mum at parents evening, but this band is a teeny, weeny bit special.
Take a look in HMV and tell me what you see. For while the conveyor belt of the craven book publishing world rolls on, the art world preens and lumbers in search of the next concept, and our once glorious world of music has had its guts ripped out by the internet. Yet the musician persists in his efforts to have the cloth-eared hear his songs.
Green Man Festival is is over for another year and what better way to celebrate than by shining a big strobe spotlight on my top ten take aways from the Welsh mountains this time round. Looking forward to seeing you there in 2013...
The owner of London’s chief independent music retailer has called for illegal downloaders to be educated, not prosecuted