Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson has launched a campaign demanding a change in a law that risks limiting free expression and feeds a 'creeping
Work hard with the talent you've been given, don't let failure set you back, strive to be the best version of yourself that you can possible be - those are the lessons, that's the inspiration, that I'm taking away from these Games, its incredible Olympians, and all those who made it happen.
The Olympic Opening Ceremony was among the year's most Tweeted-about events - but not even the Queen parachuting from a helicopter
Viewers around the globe heaped praise on Danny Boyle's epic Olympics Opening Ceremony this weekend and following the celebrations
It had been shrouded in intense secrecy in the run-up to the Games, but the wait for the London 2012 opening ceremony seemed
American cousins! And other Americans to whom I am not related! Ever found yourself at a tea party - the British, not crazed lunatic Republican, kind - and suddenly been at a loss for words when the topic of conversation moves, inevitably, to British television comedy? Fear not. For here is a handy guide to What To Say in such a situation - or indeed, when conversing with Brits in the Huffington Post Comedy Club comments. The following 20 pointers are intended to make you blend in with British people...
Blackadder star Rowan Atkinson has waded into the debate about ageism on television, saying Miriam O'Reilly's legal action
Rowan Atkinson has done it again, proving that Blackadder wasn't a fluke, and Mr Bean wasn't a lucky follow-up. One of the
You want swearing from the movies? You got swearing from the movies. Boasting all the best bird-flips - as those American
Rowan Atkinson has achieved world recognition for his bungling Mr Bean character. But for anyone who thought it was acting