Rowan Williams

Banks must move away from fossil fuels to meet climate goals.
The struggle I care about is to set Raif, and all those that would dare to think and speak their mind, free.
The Church of England's leading bishops have claimed they have a "duty" to discuss politics - but their 52-page manifesto
A former archbishop of Canterbury has lambasted the "marketisation of politics" in Britain, blaming US Presidential-style
When Rowan Williams uses the word "special" you take note. But when he mentions it three times in one sentence and prefaces it each time with the word "very" we're clearly being called to attention.
Britain is no longer a country of believers but rather has entered a "post-Christian" era, a former archbishop of Canterbury
After an Easter break, the Morning Memo is back and here are the five things you need to know on Sunday 27 April 2014... 1
The dream of a fairytale wedding - at vast expense - is a threat to the institution of marriage, the former Archbishop of
Christians are often assumed to be homophobic, reactionary misogynists, as soon as they mention their faith in Jesus, the
The Church has been ominously quiet on the subject, despite the fact that in most jurisdictions where the Anglican Communion thrives criminalization remains.
I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in listening to the head of the Church of England pontificate about banking - I find it totally bizarre! It's like listening to George Osborne's view on wild trout fishing or Abu Qatada's view on last week's episode of Made in Chelsea (For the record, he thought it was 'totes amazing' but also kind of wishes a plague on both their houses).
I don't think that any of the good things which religions do are unique, and nor are they able to counterbalance all of the terrible things which they have done, which they continue to do, and which have been done in their name.
Prominent atheist professor Richard Dawkins described religion as "redundant and irrelevant" as he took on the former Archbishop
Professor Richard Dawkins and Dr Rowan Williams will debate the role of religion in the modern world at the Cambridge Union
The next Archbishop of Canterbury has guest edited his local paper in one of his last roles before taking on his new job
The Archbishop of Canterbury used his final New Year Message to pay tribute to volunteers like the Olympic and Paralympic
The Church of England's rejection of women bishops damaged its credibility, the Archbishop of Canterbury acknowledged in
The Archbishop of Canterbury backed stricter gun controls in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre, saying the ready
The country's senior bishops are set to tweet their Christmas Day sermons for the first time this year in a Christmas Tweet
The Church has failed to adjust to a world which has been rapidly changing around it - and the required internal reordering and thinking required to generate a place where there would be 'magic in working' within the church's core business. The numbers of women priests have risen year on year.