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They could yet go far, but as things stand it is still relative failure from the under-performing English at a major tournament, again. However, this is different failure and that in itself is actually a silver lining of sorts - literally just because it isn't the same as countless times before
Wilshere is still young. He has a long career ahead of him, and certainly plenty more major tournaments to come, but England would not miss him at Euro 2016 with the depth of quality options Roy Hodgson already possesses in his position. Therefore, gambling on Wilshere would not be a risk worth taking, nor one that needs to be taken.
Dropping Rooney deeper allows room for both Alli and Kane - and even Vardy if Hodgson plumps for it - to take their positions, while Rooney sits as a suitable alternative for Jordan Henderson, who could miss out altogether through injury. And heck, there's even room for Eric Dier to sit at the base of the midfield.
Much has been made of England's incredible defeat of World Champions Germany in the Olympiastadion, Berlin. As a Welshman living in England, a historical win for the old enemy can be hard to take - particularly when you're watching the game in a pub surrounded by countless Englishmen!
People continue to parade Hodgson's constant selection of Rooney as evidence he is out of touch - ignoring the fact he also gave England debuts to Kane, Vardy, Drinkwater, Shaw, and Stones. And the fact Rooney is captain, and really quite good. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - particularly if you have some fairly stable glue to hand already.
It's important not to overstate the importance of England's friendly win over Germany on Friday evening. Yes, it was perceptibly
Let's be honest, Woy, the pressure's on. The old backside may not be squeaking yet, but preparation time's running out. There's a couple of weeks and two final chances to check your deck before the summer crunch.
England football team manager Roy Hodgson today received an honorary degree by the University of York to mark his 40-year
Wednesday December 2, around 10am. The mood changed perceptibly in the Sky Sports newsroom. The producer of the upcoming
They're fifth favourites for the tournament at the moment, just behind Belgium, and if they perform as well as they can then a semi-final shouldn't be out of reach. From that point onwards, anything's possible. If Rooney plays like Rooney, England could just do it.