Royal Bank of Scotland

It comes after packages arrived at London’s Waterloo railway station and offices at Heathrow and London City airports on Tuesday.
Ten years ago, one of the largest investment banks in the world collapsed. Lehman Brothers was one of the first in a chain of banks to fall, triggering the 2008 recession. In the UK, the government had to bail out the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds. The austerity measures put in place after the crash have lasted a decade.
Bank highlights growth in online transactions as it shutters stores on high street.
CRG arm of the bank 'more like an abattoir,' MPs heard.
The test lets students know which jobs at the bank they would enjoy most.
Deciding what kind of job you want after university can be daunting.  But the Royal Bank of Scotland has developed an ingenious
George Osborne has been accused of “casually” losing taxpayers £1billion today after shares in RBS sold at two-thirds the
Managing the fallout following a public IT outage is of paramount importance and having a similar issue so soon after the 2012 fiasco will only work to further tarnish RBS's reputation. However, it's now vital the bank learns from its mistake to make sure customers are not forced to deal with similar issues further down the line.