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Right now, water and energy companies have full license to rip you off without consequence. But we can at least tackle outsourcing contracts, where we can decide what to do with public money. This Bill would be a small step in the right direction.
Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene, who is on a £1.5m pay packet, must be paid more in order to keep her in the job, according
Has the entire nation been short-changed at the Post Office? The government of a "botched privatisation" over its controversial
Royal Mail has joined the FTSE 100 index of top companies listed on the stock market today as its share value has nearly
Royal Mail's six-day-a-week postal service would have been threatened if coalition ministers had tried to sell the business
Vince Cable's decision to hire Goldman Sachs to advise on pricing Royal Mail for its stock market entry came under fire from
The Royal Mail's controversial privatisation has ended up costing the taxpayers money, a Tory MP has warned, as it was undervalued
This means that the company (if only using the first day trading price) was unvalued by £1.6 billion by the government. This government often likes to focus on those who claim benefits, as people who are always out to cheat the system. This undervaluation will cost the taxpayer MORE in three days than benefit fraud does in a year.
There is a case to be made for free-market economics in the consumer sector, as competition is promoted, but we should not be surprised to see monopolies or oligopolies forming in sectors that require substantial infrastructure investment.
Vince Cable has been urged to resign by the Communication Workers' Union (CWU) after it emerged that the Royal Mail had been
Chuka Umunna, Labour's shadow business secretary, has been accused of "utter naivety" by Tories for urging the government
Royal Mail delivered more strong gains for shareholders today as formal trading started on the London Stock Exchange. Shares
Vince Cable has been accused of lacking "any compassion at all" for Royal Mail staff who could be stripped of their shares
Investors have been rushing to get "cheap" Royal Mail shares before its stock market flotation in such numbers that City
Ministers have been accused of rushing to sell Royal Mail "on the cheap" as the firm is set to rake in billions from selling
Britons have just twelve days to apply for shares in Royal Mail, starting from today. The share sale, at a price between
Whether you're interested in the Royal Mail or royal males, it's been quite the week. Yes, today's round-up of Twitter funnies
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Privatising Royal Mail fires the starting gun on the race to end the universal postal service as we know it. A privately owned Royal Mail will not want to maintain loss making rural deliveries. Once the new owners of Royal Mail, armed with a new obligation to maximise shareholder returns, look at the areas of the business that lose money, they will want to act.
Vince Cable has confirmed the coalition will press ahead with controversial plans to privatise the Royal Mail by selling