Royal Marines

Royal Marine Alexander Blackman, who had his sentence reduced for shooting dead an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan
A Royal Marine who shot an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan has had his murder conviction reduced to manslaughter. Five
Sergeant Alexander Blackman quoted Shakespeare at insurgent before killing him.
Footage never previously shown in public has been released of the moments prior to the fatal shooting of an Afghan insurgent
As an ultra runner who has trained with the Royal Marines I reckon I know more about blisters than most (I have sported some humdingers in my time) so here is my take on those ubiquitous pustules of pain that inflict us all - whatever gender, age, race or creed.
An inquest has begun into the deaths of James Dunsby, left, and Edward Maher, who died along with Craig Roberts following
A Liverpool fan and Royal Marine's "You'll Never Walk Alone" tattoo was unfortunately altered after he had his leg amputated
Last week, a Royal Marine was given a life sentence for murder. Such killings are framed as exceptions which do not reflect the "values and standards" of military service. In truth, war crimes carried out by British soldiers are not unusual.
Sergeant Blackman's conviction was an accident of justice since his crime was only uncovered when civilian police discovered the infamous video on a serviceman's laptop. However, he will now serve life with a minimum parole tariff of 10 years.