Royal Marines

This Marine did wrong, he knows it, and we all know it. He will take his punishment on the chin I am sure, but he has also served his country, and did so gallantly. If he is to be tried for murder keep human rights legislation out of it and apply some common sense.
It may be open and shut in the legal sense, but is not open and shut in the moral and ethical sense. The test maybe the law, but the proving ground is the battlefield. Now before you start getting all excited into thinking I am about to justify murder, wait one second and consider if you will some social mitigation.
It's inside all of us; the strength to do whatever it takes to overcome even the most challenging mental and physical tests in order to achieve our goals. When the challenge is physical, you need to be fit - but your mind must be strong too.
Royal Marines will be stationed in inflatable boats along the length of the Boat Race course on Sunday to ensure the event
Five Royal Marines charged with murder following an incident in Afghanistan have been released from custody. The marines
Five Royal Marines have been charged with murder in relation to an incident in Afghanistan in 2011, the Ministry of Defence
Seven Royal Marines were arrested on suspicion of murder in Afghanistan after footage of them with an injured man was discovered
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