Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, is celebrating her fifth birthday today.
In June 2012, in an otherwise routine Parliamentary debate, for the first time in our history heard a sitting MP talk about
Let's get off the back of our Queen and instead take pride in the fact the Crown Estate generates so much revenue for our vital public services every year and that this fantastic British building will be preserved for future generations- and Governments- to reap the benefits of its grandeur.
No matter whether you are religious, agnostic or atheist, the great old churches and temples of this world carry a powerful charge of energy from the centuries of prayer, of song and of silence that have been carried out there. Even now, most folk hush themselves when they enter an ancient church and take a moment to feel the echo of the ages.
The Queen marked becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history with a masterclass in understatement, a simple
I still cannot believe that I have the privilege to know and work with Patrick Jephson, Princess Diana's first and only Chief of Staff. Few days shy of her 18th death anniversary, I sat down with Patrick to discuss the Princess's life, achievements, as well as the mysteries surrounding her tragic death.
A child has managed to stay alive for exactly two years. As expected, the child is slightly larger than he was one year ago
During my years in England, it seemed almost everyone had heard of the Calgary Stampede, Exhibition and Rodeo. "What's it like?" people would ask, wide-eyed and in hushed tones as if it were a magical event.
Letters from Prince Charles to government ministers are set to be released, after a nearly decade-long battle to stop the
When I arrived on these sunny shores over a decade ago, I, in my ignorance, expected Australia to be Britain in the sunshine (an attitude many Brits still think to be the case). I was wrong.