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Can all technology companies just dial it down for a while, so we can gather ourselves? No new models, no new operating systems, no new features. I just need a break from all of this constant improvement. I'm exhausted with it all.
After the holiday festivities, sales are pretty much everywhere. Also, the fitness nut in you might start to feel repressed following the multiple Christmas lunches and dinners. Here are some essential workout pieces that you might want to invest in.
I know how the fantasy goes. Those wonderful dreams of striding along through the parks, powerful, effortless, and then the cheers and tears as you finally spill over the finish-line. The reality, as any runner knows, is a little different.
Drawing insights from runners clocking up the miles in the dark winter months, Nike designers have created the Flash Pack
Designing your own running shoes on a computer and having them arrive in a box a few weeks later is the sort of thing that
Nike has a new running shoe: the Nike Free Hyperfeel. And it's essentially a sock. The ultra-minimalist shoe is designed
Adidas is pretty well known for innovating with their running shoes. And often in fitness tech, 'innovation' also means 'ridiculous
Adidas has unveiled a new type of running shoe that it claims could revolutionise sport - and break the record for the fastest