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A 'deeply concerning' proportion of people admit having racist views.
Brexit voters are more likely to admit to holding racist views than Remain voters, new research shows. More than a third
The Tories’ policy pledge to fight the “injustice” of the gender and race pay gap doesn’t go far enough, campaigners have
The white working classes do indeed face barriers, disadvantages and even discrimination in Britain today. Politicians seeking to win their votes in the referendum or in the next general election will talk a lot about the white working class but we rarely hear their own voices, whether as Parliamentary candidates, Question Time panellists or comment authors in newspapers.
Immigration policy isn't only about visas or who the UK allows in or to work or study here. It's also about integration, notably including reducing barriers and discrimination in the labour market and supporting equal participation in British society
Theresa May greeted the President-Elect of the United States with the statement that the UK and US shared the values of 'freedom
The Guardian's campaign 'The Counted' is a running ticker, regularly updated to indicate the number of people killed by police
As public demands increase for Britain to let more refugees into Britain in the wake of the harrowing pictures of tragic three-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed up a Turkish beach, and more than 370,000 people have signed a petition to accept more asylum seekers, evidence is growing that increasing numbers of British citizens want to give refugees a place to stay in their homes.