Rupert Murdoch

'That’s one of the weapons in the Murdoch armoury'.
CMA provisionally blocks deal for not being in the public interest.
Wily old fox, Rupert Murdoch, has pulled off another masterstroke with his deal to sell 20th Century Fox and other Fox assets
It's rare to see any cabinet minister being warmly congratulated by her opposition shadow in the House of Commons. On matters involving Rupert Murdoch, it is virtually unprecedented. Governments of all shades in Britain have an almost unbroken record of abject surrender when it comes to tackling the sprawling expansion of Murdoch's media empire.
Sky claims few were watching but Labour heaps criticism on the move as Fox takeover bid looms
Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has poured scorn on Sky’s snap decision to take Fox News off air in the UK.  21st Century
But is this the beginning of the end for Fox News' pro Trump stance?
James Murdoch, the younger son of Fox News founder and acting CEO Rupert Murdoch, has come out swinging against President
Government cites concerns over 'increased influence by members of Murdoch family'.