Rupert Murdoch

Ed Miliband has admitted he was too slow to speak out on hacking, and should have confronted Rupert Murdoch when he met him
News International has been for three decades the most aggressive and confident corporation in Britain when it comes to asserting its own interests. This week, it adopted a classic defensive strategy, using a standard toolkit of tricks, from denial to distraction, confident of its ability to see off anti-Murdoch MPs and a tweeting mob.
Yesterday was a momentous day for British journalism and of course the PR industry. We are now sitting on the edge of the biggest scandal ever seen in the media. The ripples will swamp other newspapers. The world's biggest English speaking Sunday tabloid newspaper is dead.
Good morning and thank you for coming. Over the past few days, the whole country has been shocked by the revelations about
Good day Andy Coulson! Your brown-nosed loyalty to Murdoch has brought you absolutely nothing. For two decades you carried water for him, his greed and his political agenda. Now to save his precious News International takeover of BSkyB, his company shares and the woman he dare not fire (Rebekah) you have been thrown to the wolves.
There is one good way to bring the family down: The Proceeds of Crime Act - they can't avoid it by closing the paper down.
David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have today called to axe the Press Complaints Commission after the News of the
Press Association -- The News of the World has been sacrificed after a series of increasingly damaging allegations left its
No surprise, the newspaper industry had one thing on its mind on Friday morning. The last copy of News of the World is set
The imminent closure of the News of the World does not change the fact that Cameron is closely linked to the paper through his associations with Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks, Elisabeth Murdoch and others.