Rupert Murdoch

The Labour MP Chris Bryant suggested in his speech during the Commons phone hacking debate on Wednesday that the News of the World and the Metropolitan Police might be shredding evidence as he spoke. Upon hearing this, I realised there are a number of similarities between the now doomed newspaper and the East German Ministry of State Security.
I once worked for a magazine when it too become the subject of intense public disgust. Not as grave an error as the sustained illegal activity News International stands accused of, but it gave me a taste of what the News of the World staff will have been feeling this week as they approached the end.
News of the World will publish its last edition on Sunday according to a statement by James Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive
A final decision on whether News Corp will be allowed to complete its take-over of BSkyB will take several weeks, the government
The Telegraph report that the phone numbers of dead serviceman may have been hacked after they were reportedly found in the
No matter how insane and evil publications like News of the World appear to be -- according to "the facts" -- we can rest easy that noble News Corp empire is about to become a lot more powerful, thanks to Jeremy Hunt.
In the lexicon of journalism the word "unprecedented" has reached cliché status. But I make no apology for using it to describe both the allegation against the News of the World that it hacked into a murdered girl's voicemail messages and the public response to it.
The parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, the two children murdered by Ian Huntley, were contacted by Scotland Yard