rural development

"Compensation for expropriation is not actually about compensation – perhaps not even about land."
Misconceptions and sparse data can erroneously make rural areas seem like unattractive prospects for investment, sales and corporate expansion.
Lack of access to facilities such as post-harvest, storage and processing facilities constitute barriers to entry into agricultural markets.
The policy aims to bring restoration of the social capital and beauty of ubuntu.
Against the odds, she completed primary school and moved to Côte d'Ivoire's second largest town, Bouaké, to become secretary to a local pharmacy and learn business administration.
Travelling through rural areas in countries like Ethiopia, as I did last year, you frequently meet young women who have never been to school. If a young woman in a poor rural area has completed education, you can be sure she will have overcome huge obstacles.
Since I first wrote about the Battle for Planning Rights for this website just two weeks ago, the war of words on the Government's draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has steadily intensified, reaching fever pitch in the past week now Parliament has returned.
A war is currently being waged in Britain. It is one that threatens to tear this sceptered isle in two, turning neighbour against neighbour and friends into enemies.
Despite early promise and eye-catching statements like promising to be "the Greenest government ever" the Coalition has so far struggled to turnaround the anti-rural policies of previous administrations.