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Russell Brand has responded to the Royal Bank of Scotland worker who missed his lunch on Friday due to a protest outside
Your campaign is beautiful and I am a firm supporter but the truth is that even if our tiny little island nation legalises every narcotic, psychedelic and hippy plant there will still be hundreds of thousands of kidnappings, mass murders and mutilated, decaying bodies left in the streets across Central, South and North America.
Russell Brand and Nigel Farage's clash on the Question Time panel may have seemed a bit muted, but they saved their best
Russell Brand and Nigel Farage are going to provide some political fireworks on the BBC's Question Time as two flamboyant
Russell Brand and Nigel Farage are set for a colourful clash on Thursday night as the two flamboyant - but politically contrary
NEW YORK -- Russell Brand has suggested US society is in a pre-revolutionary state, similar to the eighteenth century upheaval
Russell Brand and Jeremy Clarkson have a "negative influence on political debate", voters have said in a new poll. The comedian
Russell Brand has decided that he's "tedious with his heterosexuality" and wishes he were bisexual. The comedian-turned-revolutionary
Russell Brand and professor David Graeber have called for the debts of "ordinary people" to be cancelled in an impassioned
Comedian Russell Brand has ruled himself out of running for mayor of London, after reports that he was considering standing