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The 21-year-old's body was found near her home in Wiltshire.
A young woman is thought to be the fifth Bristol University student to have died from suicide in the past six months.  Elsa
A staggering 94% of UK universities censor their students, a study into free speech on campus has claimed.  In its third
Vice chancellors at the UK’s most prestigious universities now earn an average of £342,000 a year - despite the fact that
Three-fifths of lecturers are working on insecure contracts.
The UK’s top universities treat their staff “little better than Sports Direct”, with high numbers of lecturers working on
Russell Group universities, you're a disgrace. Your silence on maintenance grants shows your contempt for widening access for the poorest students, and your total lack of commitment to playing a role in reducing educational inequality.
Universities have been told to dramatically increase the number of disadvantaged students they admit by 2020. The Office