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Private school pupils are almost one and a half times more likely to graduate from an elite university than those that attend
Increasingly the choice of course to study at university is a matter that involves careful consideration and thought as to what is best; a process that now involves parents who will be expected to assist in providing funding.
Surprisingly, there is very little criticism of the presence of the armed forces in the universities. Hidden under the cloak of heroism and necessity, the military, navy and air force are beyond scrutiny.
The race is on as clearing opens and the scramble for places at top universities begins, following A-level results day on
The CBI's well-publicised report, Tomorrow's Growth, as well as providing a welcome reminder of the parlous state of careers guidance available to young people, makes a strong case for tackling 'the idea that the A-levels and three-year degree model is the only route to a good career'.
A brave teenager who was left paralysed from the neck down in a road accident is to receive a compensation package worth
Top universities are becoming more exclusive, with fewer poor students admitted than a decade ago, Government advisers have
It was revealed last week that, following the introduction of university tuition fees, there has been a 40% drop in admissions. What a surprise.
It does not come as a surprise that the media has yet again picked up on Oxbridge prioritising wealthy, private school students, although it is refreshing that someone is taking action against the hierarchy.
Leading universities are backing a new venture offering students free access to courses. Futurelearn, launched by the Open