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Russian Paratroopers at an anti-homophobia rally in Moscow (source: Wikimedia) Only 18 months ago the drive for global LGBT
On Thursday, a remarkable event occurred in student politics: university students and high-profile allies protested openly
Travelling to Russia? Be careful if you're gay, or you could be pulled up on their legislation against the "promotion of
Vladimir Putin's party United Russia has unveiled a new flag designed to combat so-called "gay fever" just weeks after the
I would like to wish 28-year-old Polina Gagarina the best of luck, however she will not be receiving my support, and I hope this will be the case for many fellow LGBT viewers across Europe. The Eurovision song contest may be just that, a singing competition, but it is a platform that celebrates diversity and gives a voice to so many voiceless groups in our continent.
Russia's road safety regulation has been changed, resulting in sweeping new rules on who can and can't drive. Transsexuals
It's been proposed that, since it's popular in Russian law, it's not the job of the Western world to change it. This is ridiculous on many levels. Firstly, a human rights violation is a human rights violation, regardless of whether anyone, majority or minority, elite or common, thinks it's a good thing.
Although Downing Street has gone to great lengths to deny that Cameron is staging any kind of boycott, Bach clearly is far from convinced. "I always think if you don't have a dialogue, it's a missed opportunity."
We do need to tell President Putin and those horrendous vigilante gangs who hunt down gay men and women on the streets of Russia that what they are doing is vehemently wrong; and we do need to be explicit in singling this European country out over its human rights reputation, but we must allow time and the opportunity for education.
We cannot allow Sochi and the winter Olympics to become a mechanism for the Russian authorities to wipe clean its poor human rights record. It is essential that we from across the globe show support during and after the games to help the Russian LGBT community to fight this legislation.