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Russia's seeming benevolence towards a man hunted for speaking a truth he felt the world should know, stands in sharp contrast to how it deals with its own citizens who dare to raise their voices. The irony of the Kremlin's tacit acknowledgement that those who speak out on matters of serious public interest deserve protection will not go unnoticed by Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova. It will not be overlooked by scores of people across Russia who find their ability to speak increasingly restricted since Vladimir Putin's return to the presidency.
Britain will not be boycotting the Sochi Winter Olympics, but will aim to tackle anti-gay prejudice at the event itself, David
Vodka used to be worth 40% of the Russian government's revenue in the late 19th century. More than 100 years later, although
Nalvany, a father of two, had declared his candidacy for Mayor of Moscow, but the sentence has put the kibosh on his political
Russia is a country that's never short of jaw-dropping stories. Be it Moscow traffic police calling on drivers to form a
Tens of thousands have taken to the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities to protest the ongoing rule of Vladimir Putin
Russia's disputed parliamentary elections will not be re-run, Vladimir Putin told Russian state TV. Appearing for a questions
After thousands of Russians have taken to the streets to protest the latest elections, their Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Russia’s major cities to express their anger at over disputed parliamentary
Vladimir Putin faces the largest demonstrations in Russia in 20 years as around 20,000 protesters prepare to take to the