russia sanctions

After months of fraught relations between Russia and the West which have seen a flurry of tit-for-tat sanctions triggered by the growing unrest in Ukraine, the final straw seemed to come with the suspected downing on 17 July of flight MH17 over Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists.
BP has warned that any further sanctions imposed on Russia by Western leaders could have a "material adverse impact" on their
When my grandfather was a young man in Donbas, he was summoned to the local office of the NKVD--the Soviet secret police
Responding to the renewed crisis in Ukraine, on Tuesday the European Union (EU) moved towards imposing economic sanctions
For the nations of Europe, the legacy of appeasing Russian behaviour makes a vigorous response to the current crisis absolutely vital. While there may be economic risk inherent in imposing sweeping sanctions, a broad package of 'level three' measures, targeting vulnerable sectors of the Russian economy, is essential.
The potential damage to the British economy is "a price worth paying" for imposing sanctions on Russia over its behavior
New sanctions to be enforced on Russia over Ukraine have been agreed by the G7, who accused Moscow of flouting the deal struck
European nations could begin imposing tough sanctions on Russia for its failure to investigate the suspicious death of a