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In the Black Sea peninsula, even the dolphins are political property. In what must be considered the final insult, Ukraine's
Britain has sold more than £86m of sniper rifles, ammunition, drones and laser technology to Russia in just over a year, it
Tensions in Ukraine's restless east could become full-scale war, with Russian president Vladimir Putin authorising a military
There's snow... and there's Russian snow. And as you can see from these two videos, when it comes to moving trucks in such
And understandably so. Because it's the only military cover version of a James Bond that you need to hear today. Or possibly
Russia cannot rely on diplomatic and economic methods alone to resolve conflicts. Our country faces the task of sufficiently developing its military potential as part of a deterrence strategy. This is an indispensable condition for Russia to feel secure and for our partners to listen to our country's arguments. We have adopted and are implementing unprecedented programmes to develop our armed forces and modernise Russia's defence industry.