russian dashcam videos

...especially if it’s filled with bottles of booze. Yes, we've all done this while exiting a supermarket - or while actually
Just when you thought all the great dash cam videos had emerged from Russia, along comes this gem... (Via Daily Picks And
Meanwhile, in Russia... one person's drift in an Opel Corsa turns into a really quite spectacular example of parallel parking
And the driver and passenger are totally sanguine about it. Or whatever the Russian for 'sanguine' is. As the great David
Meanwhile in Russia... someone caught this scene on camera. Well, it makes a change from the normal Russian dashcam footage
Thought it was hot in Britain right now? Try Russia, where the roads are melting before drivers' very eyes. Of course, this
Meanwhile, in Russia... ..this sort of thing is perfectly acceptable, it seems. Or at least, takes place on motorways. Of
Meanwhile, in Russia... ...a man is trying to cross the road. Very sensibly, he's doing so at a zebra crossing. Where - rather
Imagine the scene. You're driving along one day - in Russia, naturally - and you see a man on a... No, we won't give away
Now, be fair! We've all glazed over when we've been doing something mundane like filling the car up with petrol, haven't