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Looking for some cooling-off, summer fun but don't live near a water park? Just follow the lead of these Russians, and head
Want to send a long-distance package in Russia? You might want to reconsider after watching this YouTube clip, which shows
Drivers! Next time your windscreen wipers fail on you (and hopefully they won't), don't put up with a blurry windscreen. Instead
Meanwhile, in Russia... ...a man is trying to cross the road. Very sensibly, he's doing so at a zebra crossing. Where - rather
Russian drivers tend to get a bad press, thanks in no small part to the dash cam videos which end up on YouTube (see our
Meanwhile, in Russia... This video was shot. It shows traffic stopping for a couple of armoured vehicles - as it does, in
And your 'Meanwhile, in Russia...' video for the day is this one. Yes, if you've ever been baffled by the way Russian drivers
Typical. You wait ages for one 'Meanwhile, in Russia...' video - and then two come along at once. Yes, hot on the heels of
The Sea of Okhotsk lies off the coast of Siberia - and it's where the video above took place. Precisely: in the Russian port