Rwanda Women

My word, it is hot. I am standing in small hair salon in the Bugesera region of Eastern Province, Rwanda with barber Aloys, his four children, his wife, my translator Ephron from CARE Rwanda and photographer Georgina Goodwin. It is, to say the least, a squash in this small building, no bigger than 8 square feet. Outside, the sun is beating down on the corrugated iron roof; inside, we are slowly cooking.
Good day from Rwanda. As I rose this morning, marvelling at the view of the hills and mist-filled valleys from my hotel, I thought how lucky I was to be here.
No one in Rwanda spoke of the genocide of 1994. That was the first thing I noticed. President Paul Kagame has been the head of state since the genocide, and he has been instrumental in ushering in change. He's taken big steps to challenge ethnic division, transforming the country into one nation of Rwandans.
Gloriose, 25, was only five years old when her parents we killed in the Rwandan genocide Elder brother Flouduard witnessed
Women face enormous challenges during war, whether it's in Syria or South Sudan. War is more than fighting, it is about helping her family to survive both during and after the conflict, long after the media has departed the battlezone.