SAA bailout

Five SAA cargo planes were grounded for five days after the airline missed a deadline to install crucial collision-avoidance software.
If you look back at past bailouts given to the airline since 1999, it now totals R19-billion.
The hugely successful east African carrier is everything SAA could only dream of becoming, and should be emulating.
The fruits of socialism: it impoverishes everyone equally except the rulers.
Now two banks have refused to extend loans to SAA, which become payable at the end of September.
He said the airline was in such a "dire financial position" there was no time.
DA member Robert Lees says he has a secret document showing the finance minister plans to bail out the national airline by selling government's shares in Telkom.
'There is no way we are going to give SAA money for free'.
Why is government so eager to rob poor people of much-needed investment to save this zombie airline?