As the demise of Nigella Lawson's marriage to Charles Saatchi unfolds like a slow-motion car crash through every broadsheet and tabloid, we pause to ponder ten things that people who don't have unlimited credit cards (or jiffy bags full of cash on top of the fridge) ought to bear in mind before they file for divorce.
Lord Maurice Saatchi has warned that existing legislation surrounding procedures to cure cancer are holding back doctors
A new exhibition, titled Paper, has just open at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea based on one medium which is becoming more and more scarce: paper. We are living in an increasingly 'paperless' society.
If the mobile phone represents the future of filmmaking, then video sharing sites could be the future of film distribution.
At the last count London plays host to around 25 major art fairs each year, the very thought of which is enough to make even the hardiest art-lover want to lie down or have a stiff drink.