Sacha Baron Cohen

The Dictator (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) has already proved that likes to cut a dash in public, most notoriously on the Oscars
Actress Anna Faris couldn't wait to finish filming Sacha Baron Cohen's outrageous comedy The Dictator - because the funnyman
Hugh Jackman has been spotted looking less than his usual shiny, smiley self. The Aussie actor is filming the role of Jean
The independence of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and of the United States of America is admirable. The sheen on its prestigious Oscar awards night, as the second most watched event in the US, has only got brighter in recent times.
Ryan Seacrest has brushed off Sacha Baron Cohen's Dictator stunt at the Oscars - which saw him covered in 'the ashes of Kim
With all his talk of taking his proper place back at the Oscars helm after watching duo James Franco and Anne Hathaway sleepwalk
'The Dictator' has caused chaos on the Oscars red carpet, following a triumphant face-off with the Academy over his attendance
General Admiral Aladeen, aka The Dictator, lesser known as Sacha Baron Cohen, has broken his silence over his rejection by
Oscar bosses have denied that they've banned Sacha Baron Cohen from attending the awards after he hatched a plan to turn
Sacha Baron Cohen came, saw and offended as Borat and Bruno. Now, he's back on our screens, nearly, as The Dictator... a