safe cosmetic surgery

My enthusiasm turned to dismay when I was told that I didn't need the procedure because I didn't have enough facial laxity. I was flatly turned down. It turns out that my jowls are, in actual fact, a figment of my imagination.
Put the flags out. The recession is over. Austerity's a thing of the past. How do we know? Because more people than ever are going under the knife, that's how. Forget employment statistics, the housing market or even the size of bankers' bonuses. Apparently one of our strongest economic indicators is the number of people having cosmetic surgery.
As cosmetic surgery becomes more common, we are in danger of becoming so over exposed to procedures that the ethics of how cosmetic surgery is covered by the media and marketed no longer matter.
As experienced surgeons, we know that the best way to market our services is through good quality work, our happy and satisfied patients and referrals. When I see a new patient and they tell me I was recommended by a member of their family or a friend, well, it doesn't get any better than that.