sahara dust

Parts of Britain are set to be tinted a rusty red this weekend amid forecasts of ‘blood rain’. As apocalyptic as it sounds
A charity has praised the "incredible generosity" shown after donations totalling more than £50,000 were made to the fundraising
A runner who died at the finishing line of the London Marathon had suffered breathing problems in the weeks before the race
From the Saharan rain... Mother's Day...'s this week's round up of topical funnies from Twitter. Which also
Air pollution levels remain high across parts of England and Wales but are expected to reduce late Friday. The Department
London was hit by a health alert Wednesday, as a dirty cocktail of dust, car fumes and pollutants swept across the city. The
The 'Sahara rain' deposit of dust and sand currently falling on the UK has been caused by the first gay weddings taking place
It sounds impossibly exotic but Sahara Dust entered our consciousness and airspace this week – via a fine dusting of sand
Huge clouds of Saharan dust arriving in the UK may not only make the place hazy or smoggy but it could also bring upper respiratory tract infections such as asthma, runny noses, itchy eyes, and breathing difficulties. It is not the actual dust that impacts the health of humans but the bacterial and fungal spores which travel with dust clouds...