saint denis

A third person is believed to have been killed in the police raid on an apartment in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, in
Uncertainly surrounds the fate of the mastermind of Friday's Paris attacks. According to The Washington Post, Abdelhamid
Kay Burley has stepped up her dog-loving credentials by paying tribute to the Belgian Shepherd killed in the Saint Denis
Paris will get through this. History all but guarantees it. Mythology too. There's a siege in Saint Denis right now, a place named after a saint who had his head cut off at Montmartre, and who then picked up his erstwhile noggin and ran as far as he could with it (the cathedral there is apparently built where he landed).
• Two killed in early morning armed raids • Including female suicide bomber who blew herself up • Seven people arrested • Five
Gunshots can be heard piercing through the streets of Saint Denis as French police siege an apartment believed to be containing
A poignant message of hope is being displayed outside the Bataclan theatre, where 89 people were gunned down in a massacre