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'I felt heartbroken that she had got to such a point that she felt the need to say something like that.'
Saira Khan and her husband Steve Hyde have made a joint appearance on 'Loose Women' to discuss her recent comments that she's
She told 'Loose Women' viewers yesterday: 'I've lost the desire... he can go with someone else if he wants.'
Saira Khan’s husband, Steven Hyde, has spoken out, after she claimed that she’d allowed him to sleep with other women. During
‘Loose Women’ star Saira Khan has revealed she’s given her husband the green light to sleep with another woman after losing
'Even when he became emotional I felt he was crying crocodile tears.'
‘Loose Women’ panellist Saira Khan has launched a scathing attack on Lynda Bellingham’s widower, Michael Pattemore. The presenter
Loose Women star Saira Khan's road to becoming a mum-of-two was far from easy. Not long after she married her husband, Steve
‘Loose Women’ presenter Saira Khan has revealed she has been the victim of disgusting comments from One Direction fans, after