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The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers is keeping nothing off-limits in her new book and has offered up withering criticisms
If there's one sure fire way of making sure TOWIE has maximum press exposure upon its return to TV screens, it's to get your
As Victoria Beckham is now a very serious fashion designer dahling, she's used to the big names like Cheryl Cole, Jennifer
Who: Sam Faiers (accompanied by sister Billie). Where: The Cadbury Unwrap Gold launch party held at London's Ninetyeight
Former TOWIE star Harry Derbidge famously got dressed up as Lady Gaga for a special performance of Telephone to celebrate
Sam Faiers was snapped leaving the Drake concert last night with hair a lot longer than what we remembered
We did say we wondered how long it would be before Sam Faiers got bored of her short locks. Turns out the answer was 43 days
When MyDaily were given the opportunity to chat with Sam Faiers we jumped at the chance. As well as being part of BAFTA winning
Sam Faiers of The Only Way Is Essex fame, is the new face of Swimwear365. To celebrate her new accolade, the curvy 21-year
It might not have the leg-baring antics of the Oscars, nor the timing issues of the Brits, but the Television and Radio Industries
The TOWIE lot were out in force last night to celebrate the end of series four. It was extensions, fake tan and plunging
The TOWIE lot were out in force for last night's wrap party and it was no surprise to see them all trying to out-do each
The strict TOWIE girls' uniform states that your skin must be orange, your lady bits must be vajazzled and most importantly
She's already waved goodbye to TOWIE but Maria Fowler is set to wave goodbye to Essex for good as she has announced she is
It's back to work for Fearne Cotton after the Christmas break, while Mark Wright is doing some promo for new show Take Me
Sam Faiers of The Only Way Is Essex fame has heightened her feud with Jodie Marsh after the pair came to blows on Twitter
That Joey Essex is a fast mover. One minute he's slobbering all over Jess Wright, the next he's locking lips with a perma
We expect Mark Wright regrets a lot of things, crying his eyes out in the jungle for one, but his ex Sam Faiers reckons he
Sam Faiers (she of dumping Mark Wright in the season finale of The Only Way Is Essex fame) ditched the usual TOWIE dress
The Only Way Is Essex is expected to axe five of its biggest stars in an attempt to freshen up the show. TOWIE favourites