samantha baines

So the best thing about being in a feature film is that you get your own trailer, with your own loo (get me!) and your name on the door. Actually its never your name is your character's name which is odd - perhaps they want you to stay in character all the time like Daniel Day Lewis...
I was at the Cannes Film Festival when I heard that women had been turned away from the red carpet in their flat rhinestone shoes. As a stroke of luck, I happened to have tickets for the premiere the following evening as well as my own snazzy pair of flat rhinestone shoes, so fate stepped in (in flats).
I have a cleaner and I feel guilty. There I have said it. I have written this article to convince myself that I am not wasting money and being lazy and that maybe I am not the only one that feels this way.
Brian puts on his new "trust me I'm a Physics teacher" badge. And he is SuperCox once more! With superhero flair he deletes the email and grabs his man-bag ready to face his agent, So many thoughts are developing in his mind, Could the BBC really survive without me?
You are new, so no matter what your experience beforehand everyone will assume you are utterly crap at telling jokes to people. This can be frustrating when you are trying to assure everyone you are the UK's answer to Sarah Silverman with a bit of Lee Evans thrown in *cough*. The answer? Well, my answer, is to embrace it.
It was a sad day when all those B to Z list celebrities hung up their skates and stopped dancing on frozen water on TV, so what's next? Well we have had Dancing on Ice (water), we still have Dancing on earth; Strictly Come Dancing... So let's listen to science for a moment and make sure we covered off the other elements!
Yes it's properly the 21st century! You've had almost 14 years to get used it now but have you fully embraced it? Take a look at the top 15 reasons you are soooo 21st century...