In the aftermath of L'Wren Scott's suicide, there have been endless column inches dedicated to exploring the reasons why
As a couple's counsellor, I find that it is mostly the women who bring their husbands or male partners along with them, often pulling them by the scruff of their neck through the door. But once settled in, and a therapeutic alliance is formed between the therapist and the couple, work can begin in earnest.
A coroner has launched a scathing attack on the "sensational and salacious" press coverage of a transgender teacher who later
A charity that deals with winter-related depression says it has been inundated with inquiries during the appalling weather
A primary school teacher who began a new term as a woman after transitioning from male to female has been found dead. Pupils
A photographer taking pictures of air pollution from a Chinese bridge has captured the tragic moment a person chose to leap
Why is the media so hooked on a patent PR whim, and why do they trumpet it every third Monday of January?
A loss of masculine pride and identity can tip middle-aged men over the edge, leaving them more likely to commit suicide
The government has promised to pump £1.5m into research exploring how to prevent suicides among those most at risk of taking
Suicides have been on the rise since the recession began in 2008, with the British Medical Journal reporting that economic